Builder Floors for sale in Gurgaon


Millennial homebuyers today are overwhelmed with choices that the real estate market is providing. Everyone has an idea for their perfect home with each person’s idea being different. We provide an individual builder floor for sale in Gurgaon with all basic amenities. While the real estate does offer a good number of independent apartments or luxurious villas, more often than that some sort of compromise is involved unless in the off chance you land on that perfect house. Dealing with neighbours also becomes an important issue.Builder floor thus provide you with the much needed flexibility. Not only do you get your own private floor, but you also get the complete freedom to design your home as per your discretion. This means more space for yourself and your family and no lousy neighbours. The location makes it more pleasant with Gurgaon being one of the most developed cities in the country.

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Key Benefits of Builder Floors

The USP of builder floors is that it allows one to own an independent dwelling unit without having to pay hefty amounts required for independent villas or bungalows.

Along with the privacy and luxury of an entire floor to you also comes the freedom from paying maintenance fees and other charges commonly applicable in high rise apartment.

The builder floors accord one the freedom to choose the locality of the house in more developed areas of the city. Tying up with independent land or house owners for developing builder floor can work out to be a great deal for buyers.

Each floor has its own separate water and electricity connection which helps avoid disputes or misunderstandings which are common in larger communities where floors are shared by many families.